I have laid aside business, and gone a'fishing.

Izaak Walton

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Curley's Saves the Day...kind of

Ever the optimist, I took another trip to Entwistle, I needn't have bothered.
The snow began to fall as I climbed away from Bolton town centre, great! Then, as the wind picked up it decided to 'fall' horizontally, double great!

Pulling into the car park at 'Enty" the omens weren't good
The walkers, ramblers, dog-walkers etc. were all dressed for the Arctic. Even the dogs were sporting this seasons latest hot numbers, in quilted overcoats.

I only needed a quick look to see 3 foot waves, white horses and not another angler in sight. So, back to the motor for Plan B.

I ended up at Curley's, a commercial trout fishery in Horwich, Bolton.
They have a cafe and a tackle shop on site, lovely. After a quick cup of coffee and a chat with Steve, I bought a ticket and got stuck in, despite the snow and the wind chill.
Anyway, a few hours later I'd had a few missed bites and one Rainbow, around a pound and a half. It was freezing day, and I'd not done much, but, I'll be back!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Fish Supper


The plan had been to take a day away from work and try to catch a Pike or three from the Irwell. Some of the swims I've seen look very 'Pikey'.

However, it all went pear-shaped and I soon found myself behind the wheel, not en-route to the river, but to work!

When I returned home that evening, Angie (she who must be obeyed) thought she'd have a laugh.

It was fish for tea.

I've confined her to the shed!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Mersey
All you ever gave me was Scarlet Fever!

The picture at the top of my embryonic blog shows the confluence between the River Mersey and the Manchester Ship Canal in Irlam.
(I copied it from Wikipedia, so I hope that takes care of all acknowledgements etc).

Anyway, any lad who grew up near the river and who'd caught the fishing bug back in the 70's used to look at the Mersey and think, if only this was a half decent river what a time we'd have. I'd daydream its deep pools were full of Barbel and the long glides were full of Chub and Trout.

Instead, of course, all it was full of was........ a lethal cocktail of god knows what and usually it had about 3 foot of foam on top. And just to top everything off, it was quite often on fire!
Titter ye not, for it is true.

These days the Mersey has improved and we've all read the reports of growing fish stocks and even Salmon leaping, for god's sake. I wonder though, if I were to cast my lure into these waters, would it be a nice fat Pike that I'd pull from the depths or a trolley from Tesco.

Only one way to find out boys.........

By the way, can anyone tell me how to align the image at the top?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

First Day and where are my skates?

Fly Fishing Venue.

I started fishing Entwistle Reservoir back in the late 70's and early 80's and the 'first day' was always a highlight in my fishing calendar. After some years away, (work, life etc. etc.) I returned to the fold.
Monday the 1st March, and I was up and away to 'Enty', only to arrive at a skating rink. As with so many waters this winter/spring, the whole place was covered in an inch or more of ice!

Anyway, it was the first day, so I setup and headed for the top where a small stream runs into the reservoir, where I hoped I might find some clear water. Up at the top I met the secretary who told me no stocking had taken place yet, not exactly the news I wanted to hear.

I did find some areas where the ice hadn't taken hold and gave them a go for a few hours. And a few hours later, with no sign of a fish and not one pull on my line I called it a day.

I'm looking forward to a bit of milder weather and some ice-free water.