I have laid aside business, and gone a'fishing.

Izaak Walton

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Rain & Ecologists stopped play...

Thought I'd give the Mersey a go this weekend. Recent posts have been encouraging. Plus, there's a stretch of the Mersey down the road and across a field from my house.

The rain came on Friday and got steadily worse overnight. What the hell, I went anyway.

Didn't manage to wet a line as the water had risen a good 6 foot. My picture doesn't give justice to the flow, but it was almost fast enough to appear on Top Gear!

One me way home I stopped at Chorlton Water Park. Maybe a Pike or two would be tempted by a juicy lure on a wet Saturday afternoon.

Helpfully though, someone had posted 'No Fishing' signs everywhere.

A chat in the Wardens hut and I discovered the local 'ecologists' had imposed a closed season from December until April.

I gave up and did the weekly shop with Ayesha. I'm sure a trout in the freezer aisle gave me a wink...

Anyway, on a brighter note I've just bought myself a new centre-pin reel. Never used one before, just fancied trotting a worm down the Mersey.

The reel is marked with the name Marco Cortesi and it cost about £40. Some may say it's a pile of rubbish but I'll be happy enough if it gives me a season or two. Most online comments were generally positive.

Any thoughts?


  1. Unlucky that you couldnt get a line wet in the mersey Alan, But have the Eco's got the right to impose a closed season, Just seems strange that they can do that and stay dry haha, The reel will give you years of enjoyment, If your not sure how to load it with line, Or how to cast, Then just have a look on youtube, You will find something there i am sure, Looks a good piece of kit though,
    Hope the waters subside a bit for you to have another try soon,
    Best regards,

  2. You will have to give me a bell next time your on my stretch of the mersey!! (Only joking, about the my stretch bit!!)But certainly give drop me a line!

  3. Just came across your blog Alan,very nicely written,interesting and enjoyable.

    Regarding the Cortesi pin,I think you will enjoy it a lot,I picked one up myself recently and would have to say for the cost,it represents very good value for money.