I have laid aside business, and gone a'fishing.

Izaak Walton

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Taking it where I find it...

A work call had taken me to Bacup in Rossendale, Lancashire. Before I left I had a quick mooch around on Google and found Hillside Fishery and noted it wasn't so very far away from my call.

I took the trusty Shogun and filled the boot with some gear. A funny mix, briefcase and fly tackle!

Hillside was a rather bleak and unromantic place. A number of coarse fishing holes-in-the-ground with a separate, small hole in the ground for the fly fisherman. But, during my current attempt to "catch-up" and do rather more fishing than last year, I'm not adverse to, dare I say it, slumming it.

I fished from a couple of the fishing stages, without luck. Somewhere I'd read that the fishing was considered easier at the "top-end". I moved to the "top-end".

A few casts later - a solid take from the bruiser above.
One or two of the larger Pike I've caught, on feeling the hook, went deep and then shook their heads from side to side in an attempt to shake free. This blighter did exactly the same. I hooked him and he sped to the deeps (all of 4ft.) and held firm just shaking his head from side to side. Good prevailed and after a bit of surface thrashing, he was in the net.

I'm sorry, dear reader, that I didn't take a very good photo. I'm always anxious to get whatever fish I'm lucky enough to catch back in the water asap. Rather than spend time setting up the perfectly placed rod, reel and fish shot.
Anyway, I'm tempted to say that this, rather thick bodied, Rainbow was just a smudge under 3Ibs.

A lesson to me, as if I needed reminding, that it isn't only the nice looking fishing venues that can provide some joy

Until next time...


  1. Alan re: your last post and 2lb grayling, Im a member of the same bit of the Goyt try your luck at the very far end of the same beat, Ive had 3 from there in the last couple of weeks but unfortunately only 1 to the fly. Good luck you've got until Thursday!

    1. Ian, Thanks for the tip. I know Thursday marks the end of the Grayling season. I'm hoping for one last try before then.

  2. Joy...often found in unsuspected places. :-)

    1. e.m.b. You never know what, or who, you might find - out there.

  3. Mixing business and pleasure, never an easy thing to achieve Alan, but it looks like you balanced it well and the end result was a nicely rewarding one at that mate.

  4. Mark. True in every sense. Cheers Mark!