I have laid aside business, and gone a'fishing.

Izaak Walton

Thursday, October 8, 2015

A Day with Chris Ogborne

She who must be obeyed had informed me that it was high time we took a holiday and, for a change, she did not fancy a trip to foreign climes. I sighed with silent relief.
If in the past you have found yourself in an airport and cast a glance over at the 'excess baggage counter' and spied a poor chap handing over a bunch of notes, our paths have crossed my friend.

We decided the Carlyon Bay Hotel, down in Cornwall, was to be our port for a week. I looked forward to several relaxing days of, full english breakfasts, afternoon teas and fine dining followed by a large whisky/brandy in a comfortable and comforting bar where a chap could feel safe from the horrors that surround us.
I was not disappointed, dear reader.

As ever I had packed some fly fishing tackle because, although it was very late in the season, I had recently been made aware of the art of fly fishing for Bass - Sea Bass, dear friend, not the American Bass you see pinned to a wall wagging its tail and singing a chirpy song.

One morning after a hearty breakfast as I sat happily sucking bits of sausage from me choppers, someone pulled a cord and a light came on in a remote corner of the grey matter between me ears. Eureka! I thought. Instead of flogging the water without a clue lets try and find a guide to show me the ropes.

And so it was dear reader, through the magic of modern technology, I found none other than Chris Ogborne - fly fishing master, guide, writer, lecturer and all round very nice bloke.
After a few texts we arranged to meet in the car park of the Tesco supermarket in sunny Wadebridge. Chris jumped out of his motor and, with a big smiley face, gave my hand a good shake. I knew I was dealing with a straight bat and we'd get on very well.

After a brief drive through the countryside I found meself in the briny up to my particulars casting a fly into the salty stuff. Chris patiently briefed yours truly on what to do and before too long I even collected the odd murmur of appreciation for my casting, despite the swirling winds.

At the end of our time I had not caught a sausage. It was very late on in the year, but I have to admit to enjoying every single moment of Chris Ogbornes company. I know that on another day earlier in the year Chris would have helped me catch numerous Sea Bass. I recommend Chris as a guide and as a friend, he's a very decent sausage.

Come next spring I hope to be on that beach with Chris, again.

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