I have laid aside business, and gone a'fishing.

Izaak Walton

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Shopping can be fun....

Angela (she who must be obeyed) had decided it would be nice to 'spend' an afternoon at Boundary Mills, which for those who may not know is a big shop in Colne.

Obviously, I was chuffed beyond words at the prospect of 3 - 4 hours of elbowing my way through hordes of shoppers.

Anyway, a quick flirt through Google and I found a new prospect, Roughlee Trout Fishery. Leaving Angie to her shopping, I headed off for a bit of a recce. At only 2.5 acres you shouldn't get lost at Roughlee, and you can only fish from one bank, but there is a decent car park.

I had a chat with a local guy, you can just see him - top right, and he said it wasn't a bad little spot and had caught 5 that morning. At the end of the day boys, which would you prefer - a shopping expedition - or an afternoons fishing?

I must get myself a travel fly rod to leave in the boot, any recommendations?


  1. Shopping, Naaaaa Just joking we would all rather be fishing, Looks a good water though, Can you only fish it from one side ?, Dont know what to recomend, Probably depend on what weight rod you would use, But it looks a great spot for fishing,

  2. Hi Paddy,
    Yes, you can only fish from one side, and it is a bit of a puddle, but...

  3. Hi Alan,
    even if the lake is low .... everything is better than shopping ...!
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  4. Thank you for the comments, Alfi. Glad you like my rather sparse blog.